Creative & EASY gift ideas

One-on-One Poetry Coaching with Marty McConnell 

  • Sessions can focus on generating new work, revising existing work, preparing for publication, or performance
  • Regularly $100, $75 introductory gift certificate single-session price
  • In-person (Chicago) or via Skype

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 Meditation sessions and lessons with Lindsey Dorr-Niro

  • Designed to help beginners establish a practice or experienced meditators take their practice to the next level
  • Practical, effective methods for managing stress and anxiety, and/or increasing productivity and creativity
  • Regularly $100, $50 introductory gift certificate single-session price
  • In-person (Chicago) or via Skype

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Menstrosity uterus-shaped heating pad by Stacy Fox

  • Hand-made microwaveable heating pad and other awesomeness

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Tarot Reading/Intuitive Guidance Session

  • Identify your barriers, bridges, and blind spots; your areas of satisfaction, stability, and stimulation; and what is happening internally,externally, and ethereally.
  • We will plan and envision, unravel and examine, and together create a road map toward your best life.
  • Regularly $100 per session, $75 introductory gift certificate single-session price
  • In person (Chicago) or via Skype/Facetime

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  • Coquito is a coconut-based alcoholic beverage traditionally served in Puerto Rico. It is generally made with rum, coconut milk, sweet condensed milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves. It is commonly associated with Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, where it is traditionally served along with other holiday dishes and/or desserts. This particular brand is made by my dear friend in San Francisco -- check it out here

Chicago-Made All-Gender Bow Ties: Dapper & Urban

  • All things bow tie, including bow tie ornaments! Check out the incredible selection here

In-Home Massage

  • Spa-quality in-home massage by Anna Todaro (my cousin-in-law!). Check out her gift certificate options here

Homemade Fudge

  • Velvety, mouth-watering homemade fudge to order! Milk, dark, semi-sweet and white chocolate with customized flavors and ingredients. Check it out here

Minor Threads Variety Shop

  • Cool key tags, home decor, lavender sachets and more, all made in Los Angeles. Details here

Pinch Spice Shop

  • Chicago's locally owned spice shop!

Lesbian Poet Trading Cards

  • Every year, Headmistress Press puts out a new set. Proceeds support this nonprofit press! Check them out here.