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Her show was epic. I am being one hundred percent honest when I say that Marty McConnell is unrivaled. She gave us a show that will reverberate throughout our membership for semesters to come.

-- Charlie Pope, Hampshire College

Marty McConnell is not for the faint of heart: The artist's performance poetry blows through the border checkpoints of faith, freedom, gender, humanity, integrity and sex in ways that are frequently beautiful, sometimes transgressive and, in her most exhilarating work, both at once.

-- D. Medaris, Isthmus/The Daily Page

Marty McConnell’s poems grab the so-called ‘academy’ by the hand and the spoken word movement by the shirt tail, and remind them they’re play cousins. Anne Sexton and Marie Howe are proud. So are Saul Williams and Patricia Smith. Whether reading at Bar 13 or leading sessions with students groups at high school poetry festivals, Marty is a constant favorite of young audiences. And to witness her in action is a treat.

-- Khalil Murrell, Poetry-in-the-Schools Coordinator, 
Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Program

The fabulous Marty McConnell showed us once again where the page and the stage collide in one beautiful, powerful set.

-- Rob Sturma, co-curator, Green Poetry, LA

Reviews of wine for a shotgun:

From Atticus Review: “Wine for a Shotgun… walks an electrically charged high-wire between restraint and exuberance, silence and noise.” Full review here.

From The Lesbrary: “Wine For A Shotgun deftly pulls apart the knotted mess of gender, sexuality, love, and fidelity.” Full review here.

From Muzzle Magazine“To McConnell, we are both gods and monsters, who transform at the touch of a piano key, the first letter of a lie. Salvation is not found through denial, through silence—no, this is how we unleash our monsters on others—but through opening our arms, our doors, and letting our monsters live safely within us.” Full review here.